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Thursday, June 08, 2017


I found the impact of other peoples choices can be counterproductive. If nothing else it always feels like a derailment and you have to find away to get back on track. No pun intended with the reference to the train. Throughout life I wondered" what part in the choice making process did I have?" The fiber like network includes those that we share a stage both by fate and by choice. When you are a child you have no choice what family you are born into but you quickly realize you are responsible for the friends you surround yourself with. It always feels like climbing to the top of a mountain to find so many doors or my least favorite childhood game " chutes and ladders." Always nice to climb up but sliding backwards was never to much fun. The same can be true for life as they say " one step forward , two steps back."
The sun has risen early this morning and whether I wanted to be up that early or not I am. Laying here thinking about all the people who have come into my life and the part they played in a most uncertain journey. I kind of envy people who have a major plan that plays out well to the end. In my normal survival mode I find myself dwindling from circumstance. It is a scream in silence moment, where you are shouting as loud as you can but no one can hear you.

It looks a little gray
but the sky is blue,
wishing on a cloud
to sail to you.

Sun shining bright
and the trees are still
as I dream you here
by share will.

Taking on the silence
my heart begins to sing,
accompanied by your love
on this late day in spring.

The verse haunting
and bewildered am I,
as I look to the heavens
and you disappear before
my eyes.

Lilliput moment
as I feel tied down,
my head in the clouds
and my feet on the ground.

Wishing and wanting
you here with me,
I am caught up in
a morning day dream.

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