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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

...your heart.

My promise has always been to take each day to document our love. Allow life to breathe through words and express all the emotion that so flows from the soul. That somehow after we have left this earth our love will indeed go on.

Song birds in the morning
and flowers fully in bloom
all come with a message
of how much I love you.

Open up your heart
and you will truly see,
that love is all around
it's a blend of you and me.

It has no limitations
no boundaries between us two,
the love that we share
stretches beyond the heavens blue.

It's my morning wake up
my dance through the day
this amazing gift of of love
will never fade away.

It has the thread of patience,
with deep passion and desire
and the truth of kindness
that rules each and every hour.


From my heart the words
and from my soul a song
filled with sweet love
it could never do us wrong.

Like the kiss upon my lips
and the dreams that make it so,
our love is more than forever
as it continues to grow and grow.

Feel the moment
it belongs to you and I
and like a sea to the shore
love has touched this heart
of mine.

It calms me when I am restless
when sorrow takes me by surprise
and excites me with the dreams
that take us to the clouds in the sky.

If today comes with and ending
than tomorrow comes with a start
as I leave behind my love
to live on within your heart.

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