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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Power of Words

I have always been amazed how the grouping of words can reach varied people with a wide range of interpretation. As I have watch people read what I have written over the years , I found that they could some how reach into the written piece and find their own story, memories, views and how this pulled at the strings of emotions. Today I realized how powerful the written word is and that I was capable of reaching into a person and pulling out either their weakness or their strength, without even being aware of it.
When I first began to write many years back, it was at a less then pleasant time in my life. I wrote to escape, expand on dreams, hold to faith and explore my own personal desires. The writing began to take on many forms and I found I was capable of exploring various topics and issues that affected many people. But I also know that like a good song, words could become not only my story and emotions but many peoples stories and emotions. Sometimes I felt troubled at being given such a power to bring tears, questions and even words of inspiration, might they be taken out of context.
Today reinforced how careful one must be when given the tools to reach so many people or just that one person who might read something else into what I write. I remember sometime back a steady reader kept relating each piece I wrote to their life, as if it was written with them in mind. At first I found it was amusing that someone could take one poem or many poems and make it theirs. I thought is this a good or bad thing, but then as I listen to some of my favorite songs, I realized I also took a few words from a song and read into it a moment that I was personally experiencing.
Life is wonderful and filled with many emotions that expand on all kinds of experiences. Each day we meet up with various challenges and surface with more strength then the day before. Tonight the moon will take it's place in the sky and I will rest with my eyes and closed and my heart open as I reach out for your embrace. Good Night!

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