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Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes we can...

The ultimate human experience is to absorb all that occurs throughout our life, devour and digest it, like a wolf eats it prey, fast and furious. We cannot avoid or escape the inevitable, whether we are destined to travel down certain paths or like a brick layer, place one brick at a time creating our own walkway, there is bound to be a few hills and bends that will call for special attention. So at this time we don’t look with regret of not choosing another path, but ask ourselves do we slow and travel on a curve or stop and again ask ourselves what it is this experience will bring to our life.
The last few days were filled with sequential down pours, one storm after another cast a surreal image of clouds where I found myself pondering over the future. As if the landscape of well matted trees were closing in around me and beginning to speak, bending and stretching with the wind, the sounds a reminder that the future is as unpredictable as Mother Nature herself.
We look to build security for our future, to create a measure of comfort, to only find that in this life every day is a gamble. We take a chance when we close our eyes at night and again when we awake. Like a number being pulled from the lottery our day to will come, and how we react to each situation is in itself an exploration of life. Images flashed before me and I saw journeys where mountains seemed to high to climb and rivers to wide to cross. Must this be the visions of insecurity?, I found myself speaking out loud, are we afraid of what we don’t know, or of what we know and believe we can’t do anything about. Every day that is cast in fear weighs down a soul, if cast with apprehension is as waste of energy that insures only anxiety, if darkened with sadness it will only drag the heart into a wasteland of sorrow.
Taking a gander at all that encompasses us on this journey, I remembered the words of wisdom passed down from one generation to the next, and “if you have your health you have the greatest treasure that can be showered down upon one individual. With that in mind I knew that we could accept any challenge that we would encompass us on a very uncertain journey.
With all the apprehension that can surface throughout the day, this moment came with nothing but share joy, for I know no matter where I go, or what I do, I’ll be holding your hand and when I close my eyes tonight, I’ll feel the infusion of your love as heart and soul embrace.
Braces for tomorrow with the warmth of your love, so that our souls will be enlightened with insight to accept, explore and treasure all the beauty of life. For God made mountains not to stop us but to challenge us, in that we may find the gifts of life which were instilled from the beginning and only intensifies with the sharing of hearts.

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