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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 13, 2008

A review

I reviewed love and lust and the energy between the two and how one touches the other to make the sky so blue. I placed trust, next to faith and I tossed it in the air and when they came back to earth your love was everywhere.

Listen to the whispers in the warm sun lit breeze, I tucked in words of love and a kiss sent from me. I placed it atop the mountain high and awaited the wind, to gather with magic all that I have to give.
Listen to the sounds of blue birds in flight, they are reminders of our love and how wonderful the dreams of night. Inspired by nature each moment a reality check, that somehow brings you closer when I turn down the bed.

Sing> I wanna feel your love my sweet darling and know that you care,
to tease your heart with lustful actions and cause such joy to

Tempt your imagination, to embrace from dawn to dusk
and wake your spirit with a deeper understanding that
seeds both the passion of loving and of lust.

Make each day a thirst for love and spring a smile on your face
And count the many ways I love you and hold your hand in flight
A must.

Excitement fueled by desire, places starlight in your eyes,brought
the magic of a new day and turns a lifetime to an hour.

Racing spirits, devotion the key,
you and I forever in your
heart and memories.
Imagine love so wonderful, mystical and free, your heart and mine beat so rhythmically. From the sounds of the heavens a song for you and I, courting souls to soar beyond the puffy white clouds in the sky. .
A flower blooms forever, a sky that never rains and a mountain that bows to you and I to make our way. Rainbows without beginnings, rainbows without and end, eternal spirals of love for you my friend.
Your arms so gentle, your smile a warm embrace one that speaks in whispers of love from place to place. My heart rattles with fear, that I might wake up to find you disappeared.


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Wow, I didn't realize at first there is a reclining woman in the painting. incredible!! What talent.

--Jannie, wholoves poetry & Such

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Jannie sue, thank your for coment, that is sweet.