Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, June 13, 2008

Powerful Visuals

Wonderful dreams are created, magically filled with desire,
crossed barriers of distance to reach a depth that sets the
soul a fire.

The youthful invasion is powerful indeed, breaks all the laws
of gravity to bring you closer to me. My body gently trembles,
my mind like mush resembles, as my heart beats with joy,
my body now your toy.

Imagination on a plan to invoke what only memories can,
uncovering the pleasantry I feel an immense amount of
energy similar to the days when I was barely seventeen.

Feeding my hunger through the touch of the mind,
a youthful explosion makes you most certainly, my
darling mine. My lips begin to quiver at one thought
of your kiss, romantically pressing tenderly,
one to one, lips to lips.

Images cast of lovers quickly come to life, floating in the
heavens, heart and soul combined. I crave for the touch
beyond earth and heavens dreams, to hold you ever close
as I gently trace your flesh, while your body lay here
next to mine.

Excitement penetrates the spirit to infuse the ultimate of
desire, and enough so that I could almost taste a mix of
bitter sweet with each moment I devoured.

Happiness took as partner the sensuality of a dream and
recreated life as life would have it be. Powerful the visuals,
my hand upon your thigh and mischievous a smile that
knows how dreams can make you mine.

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