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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Bloom's

The treasure before us,
seems tiny to the view
but a bloom of friendship
is a dream come true.

Pristine like early morning
when the skies are all so blue
and there is no clouds in passing
only thoughts of me and you.

I partner with my pillow
as I close my eyes to sleep
that when I begin to awake,
it will be you there next to me.

The warmth of loving,
comforts me each day as
I celebrate the treasures
of a smile a day.


I struggled from early on
when all wasn't so clear,
I knew what felt right and wrong
and that love is all that should be shared.

You erased away the darkness
and removed all traces of gray,
with you there is only sunshine
twenty four hours a day.

Emotions from the heart
were there from the start,
when you taught me
that love is never far.

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