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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Special Place

Directly behind the Tiger lilies the stream flows by and there is this huge rock that I would sit on and listen as  the water rushed on through. It was a kind of magical place, where my thoughts were free .Yet it also held and array of memories both good and bad. Sometimes you can't help but wonder what gets us through the moment or why we even have the experience in the first place. Sometimes it was the attic, the waterfalls or back by the stream that I could runaway and be as close to you as the bumble bee to the flower.
My mine went racing
it was with you  all day,
from the moment I woke up
till the moon found its place.
You can't even imagine
how far away I ran,
as if the surrounding hills
were truly in command.
I ran into your arms,
where I was safe as I could be,
where you held me close
both night and day.
 As much I love the flowers, they only bloom for a week or two and are gone as another flower begins to bloom. It away it seems as if time goes quickly as I wait for the next bud to open.
I had carved hearts in the trees in remembrance of love. Unfortunately the trees were taken down when the utilities were run through the property. I found that really sad and difficult to get over. It was a moment in time that grew as the trees grew. Than I found a new place to document my love.

I scripted your name
here deep in my heart,
seared like the heat of the sun
as it shines down on earth.

Written in the heavens above
for the angels to sing of love.
Wonderful as can be , just
look to the sky and you'll see
you and me.

Nothing or no one can remove
the expressed love of two,
for you are with me wherever I go
and that is a promise I want you
to know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cherish the places you have taken me. From down by the stream, to the pool (yes the phone still worked!!), the woods, the attic, the kitchen, rides in the car, the park with the keys locked in the car, the market. The list goes on and on!!! I love the adventures.

Lets not forget the lunch in Paris, walks down the streets of NYC. The list goes on and on.

Thanks for writing the blog to get my memories flowing this morning.

The most special place of all you took me is into your heart!!!!!!!!!!!