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Monday, July 13, 2015

Treat Her Gently

The song was a favorite of mine way before I had any idea of what the future would hold.  The first time I heard it, I was in my teens and sitting on the porch of my sisters house as she was singing it. The irony is a song that she loved to sing about growing old together would never be a reality for her. I said she had the" Marilyn Monroe Effect" she would always be young and beautiful, never aging and that is the last image I have of her. Her long blonde hair, amazing smile as she mesmerized those around her.
 While sitting outside watching the birds and enjoying the flowers my mind drifts to the rocking chair image of growing old gracefully together. Two people together as one spirit, taking in the moment with peaceful thoughts of happiness. The visual can calm the restlessness within me.

Enjoying the quiet
and missing you so,
as I watch the hummingbird
put on an aerial show.

Sitting here alone
it is how it seems to be,
except this is quite different
as you are here with me.

You're always in my heart
and always on my mind,
as I share this moment,
you are always by myside.

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