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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Morning Sunshine

That first snowfall
glistens in the moonlight,
the start of winter begins
despite the seasons of life.

The night has passed
and a morning chill is here,
as I wake up thinking of you
and a shiver keeps me from
lying still.

Measure the days
where I long for you and
multiply them by the ache
as my heart comes up
with a million days of blue.

I don't get this journey
or the path we're on
but I know I'd rather
hold your hand like in
sweet love song.

I write the words
so the world will know
that the greatest love
continues to grow.

It's the magic of thought
that consumes each day
from the moment I wake up
till the dreams find their way.

As I watch the moon fading
I know that you are here,
you are close as the moonlight
that two hearts can share.

The soul goes on rambling
to document each day,
so that when the day passes
will remembered in a special
kind of way.

One more look out the window
at this dark and cold Autumn day,
I find myself longing for
that warm and wonderful embrace.

I don't let a moment pass
without thinking of you,
you are my morning sunshine
and my starry skies of blue.

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