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Friday, August 03, 2012

Scorching Temperatures

It wasn't that long ago we were in the middle of winter and we could have used a little sunshine and now we are in the middle of summer and we could use a snowflake. Early Spring is my favorite it gives us a happy medium, a little rain, sunshine, sometimes warm, sometimes cool and you never know from day to day which one you'll get.
I have plenty to do today, but I find myself lying in bed gazing out the window at a hot and hazy summer day. I have been working on a project for charity in October and the topic has me spanning the years and reviewing memories both good and bad. I like the good ones, they make you laugh , smile and bring with them a warm feeling. So I thought today before I go about getting some work done, I'd write the memories that brought me some of the greatest amounts of joy.

Our big back yard got bigger,
the gate opened wide, a world
of life was waiting and a lot
caught me by surprise.

The child loved running, chasing
grasshoppers and butterflies,
watching the boats down by
the river and ducks by the
shore side.

Some days seemed to pass quickly
and others were awfully slow and
I can remember gazing out the
window from early spring till winter

Sledding down the hill, building
igloos in the backyard, with
freezing fingers and snow wet
toes, the winter was so adored.

Each season brought some joy,
and the sadness disappeared as
I held each memory of the
good times and erased the ones
with fear.

There were many struggles
and days I loathe to retain,
some where I cried, a few
I broke down and screamed.

Life has a way to balance
out all things and If you give
it a chance you'll see there
 is another side to view.

There were moments filled
with laughter, happiness and
glee and as I indulge in the
memories, I am pleasured
by all it brings.

Some are like a rainbow,
fleeting and quick disappear
and others like the moon 
you can depend that it will
always be there.

I learned a lot in passing, 
that some touch the heart 
for a day, but I love you my 
darling because you are in
my heart to stay. 


Hot summer days,
no clouds in the sky
and I lay here dreaming
you here by my side.

Wiping silly tears, 
remembering all 
that we shared, 
and grateful for
all we do. 

Home summer days, 
no clouds in the sky 
and I lay here dreaming
you by my side. 

One kiss to the lips, 
magic feels days of bliss,
and a day with you I 
couldn't miss. 

Hot summer days,
no clouds in the sky 
and I lay here dreaming 
you by my side. 

My heart met with soul 
and spoke quite loudly,
the words of love is what 
they whispered sweet. 

My mind tried to grasp
all that life brings and I
fell into the moment you
first appeared to me.

Heaven and earth came
together to celebrate the
day and document a love
that will forever remain. 

When time ends and I 
say goodbye, remember
dear the love of you and I.

In the clouds that pass on 
by in the heavens blue
our love will reside. 


Just to hold you in my arms each night,
to snuggle close and love you till morning

Just to wake to your kiss and know that our
love is not a moment of fleeting bliss, you
are mine and I am yours forever to adore.

Just to say the words" I love you" and dance
underneath skies blue, would make my dreams
come true.

Just to hold you in my arms each night,
to snuggle lose and love you till morning

When the sun rises
and I awake,my heart
for you beats at an
abnormal pace.

My thoughts take
control and your love
takes a hold

There in the moment
I drift on off to you
and remember our
love is warm and rue.

When the sun rises and
I awake, my heart for
you beats in an erratic

There are no bad dancers,
only bad partners. 

Knowing when to lead
is as important as knowing when to follow.

Starry nights remind me of 
how close and how far away
we are from each other. 
If I could be remembered for one thing,
it would be that I did indeed love 
and was love in returned. 

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