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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Heart

I believe in destiny, a course of events that lead us through the trials of experience on a lesson filled journey. As I look back over the years it is obvious that we are all under the same umbrella of emotions, our differences lay in how we explore, comprehend and ultimately digest the chapters of life.
It is not that I have forgotten the past, internally within my soul the building blocks for character are formed and set in motion. Yet as I write, the chapters seem like a book aged with the lettering faded. There is a sense of strength and I feel a little more engaged with the present.

The love in your heart,
the warmth of your smile,
ignites the flames that
sets my soul on fire.

The moon lit sky and
the stars that shine,
in the dreams of love
with you and I.

My heart is whispering,
the words so sweet,
a reminder of love and
what you mean to me.

Singing in the night,
dancing on the clouds,
your hand in mine as
we embrace the time.

Sings>Place your fingers to your lips,
trace the love I give to you,
early in the morning and in the
night when you're dreaming too.

Remember just what you mean to
me, for life would be so lonely
without you next to me.

You're my sunshine in the winter
and my snowflakes in spring, the
breeze in summer when I can
hardly breathe.

Choice redirects, 
but inevitably the destination remains the same. 

I am at peace...
Surrounded by wingless angels...

Somethings you never forget...
I saw you in the darkness and I began to fear,
that I would open up my eyes and you would disappear,
something about the evening, something in the air, 
as I felt your fingers running through my hair.
I quivered from the gesture, I gasped at the thought,
that your presence was all that I had sought. I wanted
 you so badly, I wanted you care, I wanted you to hold
me that I dreamt you here.
Indulging in a daydream, 
my thought were of you,
your smile is what I saw
and the heavens blue. 

The visions were quite 
the reverie as I felt an
awakening of the love
within me.

Just to hold you tight, 
to kiss you both morning 
and night. 

Just to whisper words of 
love and hear, sweet 
caresses my special one. 


I can't sleep...missing you. 

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