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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

To fall asleep gently in the arms of love and dance on the clouds in the heavens above. To hold you close till the morning is near and wake to your kiss my darling dear. To sing the songs from my heart true with whispering words of " I love you." To make all our dreams come true, day by day with you.

Autumn sunlight shining down through the trees, casting shadows, dances in the breeze. Melancholy thoughts from days gone by, reminder of a chapter where we danced in the blue of the sky.

Fond Memories

I can't believe how fast time is passing by. I have had less days standing still and more in motion. Here we are at the end of September another page in the book of life. My promise was to write a poem everyday till the ends of time. Some are written in the heavens, a few are written in my heart.
The healing of a heart is a blend of being realistic, overcoming the barriers of denial and learning to let go. One is not any easier than the other, it is a matter of freeing oneself of expectations.


The month comes with
many memories, I can
think of a few from
hello to goodbye and
how do you do?

Chocolate cake and letters
from me to you, heartache
and happiness, gray skies
and blue.

I try to make you listen,
to understand my pain,
the emptiness inside,
the darkness of the day.

I knew that you were near,
but nothing felt the same,
my arms were empty
but in my heart you remain.

Simple pleasures,
night filled dreams,
a kiss to your lips,
yesterday's memories.

The road we travel,
the mountains we climb,
heart to heart for
the rest of our life.

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