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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Embracing the Moment

...each day is a happy beginning.


You are the song that sings to my heart,
the dreams that are infused with your memory,
the love that makes me grateful for each moment of a day.

The warmth of the sun, the blue of the sky and
the embracing of the moment, all remind me of my love for you. 


They say" this too shall pass" 
but they must have never fallen in love. 


Don't go stepping on my toes...

The music of love is powerful indeed
it and overcome the walls of evil. 

One must stand behind the curtains,
to understand how it feels when they are drawn. 

Happiness is found when one nurtures the love. 

An acquaintance who frequents the same shops and with whom we share conversation. Said " something looks different about you, you look happy. "  It is incredible the power of the mind. I invested in speakers for my desk computer and found myself listening to music an dancing in the kitchen. In a almost magical way, I was able to break down the barriers and find myself once more in your arms. 

I can't let you go, 
you know I love you so, 
always in my dreams, 
you mean so much to me. 

Heaven is all around, 
hell can't keep us down.
I feel sentimentally, 
all my thoughts pleasantly.


You can distance the body
and continue to tease the mind 
but nothing can ever separate,  
as our hearts are tightly entwined. 

You can go about your life
pretending that times have changed,
but deep in your soul you know
that our love truly reigns. 

Forever was written for you and I, 
as we rule the heavens blue of the sky,
we dance as lovers on the clouds , 
as your heart and mine are the only
ones allowed. 

You can distance the body 
and continue to tease the mind,
but nothing can ever separate, 
as our hearts are tightly entwined. 

If you realized how limited time was, 
you would take nothing for granted. 

Everyone is special, 
most people just aren't aware of it. 

The grass is greener, 
my grass is pretty green here. 
I use to wish we could really see into a crystal ball, 
than it occurred to me, we  might not like what we see. 
If tomorrow never comes, 
I remind myself how much of your love I hold in my heart. 
Life is about survival, 
for even the mostly financially wealthy cannot cheat death. 
I am inspired by the song of life 
and of course that entails the music of love. 
Sometimes the curtains just open wide on their own, 
amazing how beautiful the most simple of things. 

The warmth of the sun, the sounds of a song bird, 
the blue of the sky and of course 
the magic of memories. 

I have always felt closest to nature. One with the flowers, birds and animals revealed almost everything you need to know about life. From the very beginning of tending my gardens, the flowers revealed our strengths and weaknesses. The power of mother nature and the patience that we must give to time. The willow and its shallow roots, the oak and its strength, the crowding of perennials, the passing of an annual and the need for space that a rose needs to provide us with the most spectacular blooms. With all the lessons that are revealed , there are times when I still sense myself in a state of confusion. Trying to make sense of that which is almost impossible at that moment to understand. As with the lack of nurturing  " you reap what you sow."
I sit here gazing out the window as I watch the melting of one storm and awaiting another. The sun cresting the hill as it looks to take its place in the morning sky and the sky a grayish blue that reminds of us both the positive and negative in life. With the music playing in the background my mind travels from the past to the present. I sit here with no regrets for every chapter allows us to journey forward. When a blanket of melancholy finds a way to cover like darkness, I think of you and I smile and I thank God for each day.

Neglected flowers wilt and dry,
never to bloom, the blossoms die.
Withered their memory fades,
never to see another day.


I danced to the music of the heart,
listened to the song of the soul and
rejoiced in the sharing of our love.

If you look upon the blue of the sky
think of me, if you can feel the sun
warm your heart, think of me.

If you listen to the song of love,
think of me, if you can hear the
words of joy, think of me.

If you dissected every tear that has ever fallen from my heart, you would find each one is formed in your absence and contains all the ache one heart can manage. 

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