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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Touched MY Heart

Unlike a book where the chapters are in print unlikely to change the story . I find the lessons in life are constantly altered by the moment in time. As the years have passed by, I find myself looking back at individual chapters as if they were rewritten as a sequel to the present. Maybe it's not the story that changes but our interpretation of the story.

Touched my heart
in an amazing way,
left an imprint on my
soul that can be seen
to this day.

Some things change
and that may be true,
but how I feel for you,
is how forever rules the

Touched my heart
in an amazing way,
left an imprint on my
soul that can be seen
to this day.

The sun no longer shining
and only stars now rule the
sky but like the love that
you gave to me sparkles
time after time.

Forever Dust

It must have fallen
and landed on me,
coated with forever
dust, your love is
all over me.

Some things fade,
like aged ink on a page,
but my love for  you is
stronger and is with me
to this day.

We only walk this earth
for an uncertain time,
but whether I am here or
not our love will never

Forever dust had fallen from
the sky and I knew at that
moment , I was yours and
you were mine.

I never asked for anything
that money could buy, all
I ever wanted was to be
there by your side.

1 comment:

Margie said...

I love this poem, Rachel.
It is so endearing.

Hope all is well.