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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

My Heart Belongs To You

In the world where dreams begin the day, 
 happiness is the magic that places you 
in my heart to stay. 

This is our world, wonderful indeed, like 
the warmth of summer and the first of 


My heart speaks the words my hands write,
blue stars, brings your love from afar, my
heart speaks the words, my hands write.

If you stop to listen, I know that you will hear,
the words of love that my heart dared to share.
If you stop to hold, I know that you will embrace
each and every moment of each and everyday.

If you stop to see, I know that you will view,
the heavens as love would paint in a variety
of hues.
If you stop to remember, I know the memories
will flow and you will understand why our love
continues to grow.
No matter the combination of letters I write,
they all mean the same thing, I love you day
and night.
You are my good morning, the smile that
gets me through the day and my good night
that brings peace my way.

Breaks the silence, rules the night,
it must be love.
Warms the heart and touches the soul,
it must be love.
Wipes the tears from my eyes replaces it
with the blue of sky, it must be love, it
must be love, it must be love.

.not your world or my world, but a world in between.

Brass bells,crystal and angels,
all a reminder of days gone by.
Restless and weary with a heart
that aches as I hold on to better
Every moment I share with you
makes the world a little smaller.

I'd trade it all, I'd give it away
for one day with you.

I'd never cry, wipe the tears
from my eyes for one day
with you.

I'd celebrate, the moment,
the hour each day with you.

I'd die with a smile, go out
in style holding on to you.

I'd trade it all, I'd give it away
for one day with you.


You can do what you want,
my heart I gave to you and
there is no giving back as
love is like bonding glue.

Strange as it may seem,
foolish am I, but reality
has spoken from earth
and heaven high.

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