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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Celebrate the Moment

Even though I am keeping busy this winter while making supplies for the upcoming season, it doesn't stop my mind from being saturated with thought. I can remember the moment that it occurred to me that my grandmother had outlived most of her family and friends. I never asked her about it but I had always wondered exactly how she felt having to grieve over so many people or for that matter outlive them all. Grandma has buried two husbands, children and grandchildren, siblings and many friends. I began to think about those people who I had to say goodbye. The numbers were adding up, I also lost siblings, a parent,grandparents and close friends. It was never easy saying goodbye. Each time I felt as if it took something from me , rather than leaving something within me. I kept thinking about what my nearest friend Nancy said " when God closes a door, he opens a window." The truth is in my mountain God opened many windows, one at at time, I view threw them and saw images of hope. There was the other adage " you don't know what  you have until it's gone." Both statements were so true as new moments occurred nothing could replace the void left by those doors that had been closed. I found the irony of death was that it had revealed itself in many ways and not always was it the death of a body but sometimes it was death of a soul or the death within the heart.
Closing doors is an incredibly painful experience and yet a necessary part of life. The end cycle of our journey as felt by those who know and love us most. Other than watching love ones suffer in their last days of demise is the reality that we are all vulnerable and death will visit us all.
Tomorrow brings with us a new day, what that new day holds is yet to be seen. Touching hearts and souls has a way of bringing happiness and in the end can weigh heavily upon both heart and soul. Grandma was a magical woman with amazing qualities, she worked hard and loved life. She kept those closest to her in memory through pictures and articles which she proudly framed like a gallery along the walls.
Life is a book of many chapters, the characters evolve and we find that each day is a gift. Most of my life I believed that our destiny was to journey while fulfilling a goal according to the script of life. For some it is a very short time upon the other and for others it takes much longer to complete the journey. What is the journey and what is the plan that needs to be followed out? For each person it is so different as we see very young people leave the earth in what seems like way to soon. As my daughter send a text " I love you mom" I was quickly reminded how one life touches another and how we live on through so many people after our demise.

In the garden of life the blooms are
ongoing as one dies, one opens.

Always in my heart,
forever in my mind,
touched by an angel
you have never left
my side.

Words without meaning,
songs of happiness and
dances on the cloud
where we share that
special kiss.

I wanted a blueprint,
a plan that told me so,
which way to journey
and where I should go.

Who would hold my hand
and never let it go, how long
I would have and how many
seasons were left to go.

I had my share of memories,
the smiles that warmed my heart,
embraces my soul both near
and afar.

It wasn't always easy,
sometimes I cried a lot,
but the network was
expanding the journey far
and wide.

We have to embrace the chapter
and celebrate the moment. 

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