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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Be My Valentine

There are many legends that revolve around Valentines day, from Saint Valentine who was imprisoned for performing marriages to soldiers and other  who believe Saint Valentine was the Saint of Spring. No matter how Valentines day got its beginning, it is a time where we put extra emphasis on love. I would like to think Saint Valentine truly is the Saint of Spring. Spring the season of hope, faith , life. new beginnings.  The changing of the season reveals the blooming of flowers that once held their own through the harsh and may I say wicked winter. Though I shouldn't be so hard on the season of winter , for it come with its own beauty and is only truly seen when shared with love, in love, for love. Going with a traditional Valentine Day,  " Be My Valentine"

Simple cutouts,
heart shaped designs,
to tell you that I love you,
love you for all time.

A child like celebration,
with a story to tell,
from that first hello,
I fell into your spell.

Treasures of life,
memories times two,
when hearts come together
you'll see what love can do.

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