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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Merely Rambling Thoughts

The silhouette of two souls joined together
pirouette like angels cascading from the heavens,
a revelation of love transcending like summer in a snow storm.
The still water iced over by the bitterness of winter,
cast a reflection of truth that leads us to tomorrow.
It is more  pleasurable to soften the heart with love,
than to harden it with hatred and fear.

I saw the fern battle for the light through the newly fallen,
a reminder that spring is not gone, but a supporting cast of winter.
We have a road before 
with a few more hills than anticipated.
For a moment I thought that time stood still,
the clocks battery needed replaced.
I liked the simplicity of a Daisy,the beauty of a Rose
 and the fragrance sweet of summer.
Music of the wind, song of the heart
accompanied by the soul out performs any concert.

I took a few chapters and tossed them away,
no place in my soul for the dark and the gray.
I started anew and pulled out of the blue,
the warmth of happiness that suddenly grew.

It took the chill of winter and melted it away
and brought a bit of sunshine to brighten my day.
The summer flower blooming in the season of tomorrow,
revealed there is much more to life than deep sorrow.

I'll spend not a moment of what has taken to the wind,
for I working on the now ,yesterday has come to and end.
Once anchored to a story where the abyss held the pen,
I began writing and will continue the very end.

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