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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Unchained Love

The magic is very real,
when I close my eyes
my heart beats fast
as it is your love I feel.

Hand in hand we stroll,
as the day unfolds.
Entwined hearts of two,
in a bond under heavens blue.

Tears of happiness,
smiles of joy,
in a dance where
love can be enjoyed.

The magic is very real,
when I close my eyes
my heart best fast
as it is your love I feel.


Like the stars in the heavens,
unlimited the galaxies,
from my heart to yours
a love equal to eternity.

Joyous moments,
memories from you and I,
entwine our yesterdays
for a limited amount of time.


I felt myself drifting to the place and time,
from the moment you touched this heart of mine.
Soaring like bird set free, reaching out beyond a dream,
I found myself once more in your arms.

Nothing can change it,
time can't even rearrange it,
stronger with each day,
our love is here to stay.

I had this frustrating dream of trying to get out of a building and there were two people with me. But I can't really focus on who the people are , except for the difficult and utterly extreme ways they came up with to get out of a room. One was to get the car to rise to a window, we had to fill the room with water and jump into the water, get into the car through a small window. After what seemed like forever in the dream of trying to escape, the door opens and we walk out of the room. As we are walking away I look back to see my grandmothers garden of flowers. I analyzed my own dream as to mean simply that we try to complicate what is as easy as opening the door.
In reality we can be trapped by circumstances and our choices. There is no doubt that we can complicate the simplicity of life. As I made several excuses as why I didn't want to attend the concert last night, I had to find the one reason why I did. As I listened to the music being played and enjoyed being out, I found myself connecting the dream to reality. There is no doubt that responsibility comes with various locks, locks that were placed for very long periods of time. Unlocking the many doors can be simple as turning the door knob.
Somehow freedom comes to mind. I looked over the milestones in personal and professional achievements. With so very little so much was achieved. In a house with so many doors, I had to find away to open them. The most important blockade to remove were the wall of fear and the wall of unknown , which found me at the door of confidence.
Preparing for another season reveals the courage it takes to rise above the negative that surrounds me. Still I feel as if I am at the bottom of a hill trying to drag a barrage of heaviness over the hill. I am but one piece of a larger puzzle. To remove myself from the puzzle, I become but one piece with its own entity. Somehow that feels like an impossible feat as we are all entwined.

I found the freedom,
was always with me,
to live and love as
love would have it be.

The power is given at birth,
even if destiny need be unearthed.
The journey is ours alone,
decision making wherever we go.

Piece by piece time reveals,
like the puzzle of life
a image soon will

The only control we can have over tomorrow,
is in our actions today.

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