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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The other day while talking about trials, tribulations, future goals and beginnings and ends it appeared that life was very much an oxymoron, as we are absolutely unsure of our purpose on earth.  The only thing we can truly come terms with is that we are here to experience. We are never quite the same person through the journey, as each scene that comes into play adds to our ultimate being while forming our character. When I was younger I was concerned with how people saw me, as I matured I realized life had less to do with how people saw me than how I saw myself. Even more puzzling is how people view themselves.

Dancing in the heavens,
smiling down we see,
as we wander through
life, we find we're
caught up in a dream.

The days are numbered
from the moment we
are born , which makes
me think of what tomorrow
has in store.

Life is an unequal balance of sorrow and happiness,
it seems we don't have one with out the other.
He thought himself an angel,
while thrusting that of a dagger.

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