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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Devil's Script


Winter's Despair

No sunshine, flowers
or warm spring air,
the season of winter
whispers of despair.

Holding the memories
of yesterday, I ask
what of tomorrow
will happiness play?

The window is open
and the wind blows here,
awakening the soul
without so much a care.

The darkness lingers,
the tears fall and
nothing matters, no
nothing at all.


Placing the characters all around,
some are very close and others
are yet to be found.

 Some speak of lust and a few chart
the hills with love and I can't stop
the darkness that surrounds.

In the distance I see him as he walks
away from me , further and further
away, as if it was a dream.

I shiver from the emptiness, , the
loneliness inside as I wipe the
tears that flow from my eyes.

So many questions and the
answers but a few, as if the
sky no longer seems blue.

My heart no longer feels,
my soul turns the page
of the Devil's script
that turned my skies gray.



Anonymous said...

Friendship helps make it through winter.

Anonymous said...

I think winter is getting an early start.