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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, October 11, 2013


When my dreams are your dreams
and your dreams are mine
all will be as it should be...
waking up in your arms.
If we can't hold hands
we can still hold hearts,
I have held yours since
the day we met.
The end of a season and a new day begins,
sometimes survival from deep within.
Each chapter a story and each story a
tale, sometimes of love and a occasional
There is no judgment , no woes or demise,
on the journey through life on a limited time.
Weep not in sorrow for yesterday is gone
and tomorrow awaits where our souls belong.

When is all is gone,
there are still dreams.
I know of a love that reaches out and embraces from a distance,
I know because that love lives within me.

If I should fall asleep tonight
and know that tomorrow would
never come, I would rest in peace
knowing that I have experienced
true love.

I thank the heavens that sent you
my way and rejoice in the moment
our souls collided in the most
unusual of way.

If the stars no longer rule the sky
and the clouds fade away I'd rejoice
for I have loved and love has seen
me through the day.

Time tells a story and
the story holds the truth,
it tells of love and all that
love can do.

It takes the reigns of desire
and leads us on our way,
igniting the magic that flames
brighter with each day.

The memories consumed me
and I can't really tell you why,
it could have been the season
or the day and the time.

My heart weathered and my
 soul can't deny the tears that
fall and roll down my cheek
consist of you and I.


I said goodbye to the blue bird,
hello to the stars above as the
day was passing and the dreams
of you now await.

Darkness now comes early
and I hated it so until I realized
that your love a light in me
still glows.


Life is but a lesson
and this much I know
that angels are in passing
but your friendship
stays and grows.

You're the angel of my morning
and in my every daydream,
from the moment I wake up
and until I am fast asleep.

The stars await us in the night
where you take my hand and
on the clouds we glide.

You're the angel of my morning
and in my every daydream,
from the moment I wake up
and until I am fast asleep.

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