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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Gazillion Combinations

I trusted the wind to send you my love,
to challenge the mountains and soar above.
The mystery of your presence is truly around,
I sense your goodness with happiness abound.

I have faith in the moment and joy in my day
confident am I that this magic will never fade.
I have my yesterdays safely tucked away
and when I am lonely I live a dream a day.

It is your kindness and the trust we share
that brought me to life with your ability to care.
Like taking winter and turning it to spring,
you brought to me the sunshine through a dream.

When I am feeling sad and distance takes a toll,
I look to all my blessings that daily unfold.
Sailing an ocean, taking control of the sea,
the truth unveils your unselfish love for me.

Special doesn't define what you mean to me,
for you are a treasure as priceless as one can be.
In my heart forever, standing next to me,
on a journey through life, writing eternity.

Eternity is not enough to share this special love,
gazillion combinations , unlimited pieces merging into one.
Precious moments that make my heart aware,
how wonderful life when you have someone with whom you share.

Not a day shall pass, not a moment nor an hour,
without my heart feeling the passion and the fire.
My dearest admiration of all that you are,
no matter how close , no matter how far.


Stronger with each moment,
more powerful by the day,
that is why my love you will
never ever fade.

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