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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Can Dream

I can dream the morning
when I wake up in your arms,
my head against your chest,
listening to the beat of your heart.

These shared moments of two,
like the dance upon the heavens,
so very simple and yet precious
that even skies of gray will do.

I can dream a sky of sunshine blue,
from the morning I  first wake up
I count my many blessings
while doing while lovers do.

Sharing in a day of nothing new,
is awfully special when I dream it with you.
Silly moments of laughter and smiles
and a love that bridges the distant miles.

This year is a Holiday Season to reckon with .  No children dependent on my expertise with Santa Claus or waiting to share in my cookie factory or worried how the Christmas lights will get up before Christmas day. On the contrary, my daughter should be at the beach about now and my sons are either working or dealing with sibling rivalry. With the onset of a cold I have kind of retreated to the bedroom, my hide away zone.
Somehow as I look at the tree that I decorated, the ten year old in me surfaced. What is Christmas? I spent the earlier part of the day telling my almost 87 year old mother that is not about how you die but about how you live and researching medicine reactions for my sister on dialysis. So what is Christmas? Somehow I think I was born a ten year old, as that is the time I remember most. Like the second coming of life. The answer was simple from the mind of the ten year old. Christmas is hope!!!! Not as many people think , gifts, lights, dinner and singing songs, etc. Hope for peace and happiness, for well being and for mankind that it may somehow find that happy medium and where good far outweighs evil. That is what I see when I look at the Christmas lights, when I see a lit tree, when I sign a Christmas card, when I bake cookies and when I prepare dinner. Peace starts with self, happiness is shared with a smile, well being is in believing and as far as mankind I still believe that good far outweighs evil. Merry Christmas!


Memorable moments
8:45 and I am on the ice,
holding hands,
nice lips,
warm smiles.

Erasing tears,
removing sadness,
watching the sunrise
and celebrating life.

caring and
loving you.

Learning to drive,
removing ice from the window
cold hands on the steering wheel
and freedom.

But most of all ....loving you.

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