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Monday, December 29, 2014

When the Laughter Stops

Dance, dance on the clouds above,
to the song of sweet love.

Dance, dance both day and night,
embrace of hearts a beautiful sight.

Looking back a year, two years , ten years, some of it very clear and parts of it a blur. Life is a rollercoaster ride there is the anticipation going up and the rush as we peak and the slide down as we prepare once more to climb. This year was more like a leveling off, no great strides , yet a consistency  as their was no slipping backwards either. The blur, maybe some things are worth forgetting, as we strive to move forward. I find myself in a very different place emotionally, professionally as well as in my personal life. The seriousness of life cast a shadow over the direction in which we travel. Decisions that affect the present and the future were dangled in front of me. I have always been the type person who on a rollercoaster holds on tight, closes eyes until the ride is over. The best part about the ride is that you were beside me and while I was holding on your arms were around me and when my eyes were closed you were looking ahead.

Beside me,
in your arms,
all day,
in your heart.

like a song,
the music
plays along.


Sharing a moment,
a smile or two,
bright like sunshine
and skies blue.

Something happens,
when I am with you,
my whole world
starts out a new.

Leaning on hope,
holding on to a dream,
anticipating what
life will bring.

My eyes adjusted
to the darkness in the night,
as I gazed into the emptiness
your love I found bright.

Treasured moments,
gifts of friendship true,
I reached unto the heavens
 and that is where I found you.

My angel,
that keeps life surreal,
like the clouds above
and the love I feel.

You are always with me,
just a thought away,
comfort day and night
a vision that never fades.

The shoulder that listens,
wipes away my tears
and the place I journey
void of fear.

There is no ending,
the story forever lives
of an amazing friendship
that gives and gives.

The gift of love,
unwrapped for all to see,
started with a hello
and continued through a dream.


True love, happiness
when I am with you,
for you have the key
to make the dreams
come true.

Walk in the park,
sitting on a bench,
unending love
in each and every

From my heart a love,
a tale of two,
that dared to take the gray
and make that sky blue.

The path that lay before us,
is destiny as it unwinds,
for the script was written
before there were stars in
the sky.

When the laughter stops,
you'll know it to be true,
that we have shared a happiness
that only lovers do.

You are in my arms forever
and forever I'll love you,
for my heart was yours
the day my skies turned blue.

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