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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Birthday...Spring!

The seasons are preparing to trade off like the changing of the guards. I find myself caught up in the storms of life. Trying to bring order to that which has been in a disarray. I find it difficult as I feel torn between place and time. Wiping a tear I place myself in the moment. It is as if Spring will be celebrating its birthday. One of my favorite times of the year as it does bring a sense of renewal. The birthing of a spirit, battling its way through the wind and rain. There after the storm we see the gifts the season had kept safe. Trees tightly budded, crocus blooming in the snow and the change in the song of the birds.

There is a chill to the moment,
though the sun warms the air.
There are tears and laughter,
from the time we've shared.

Alone and yet with you
faraway and yet so near,
there is something quite
special just knowing that
you care.


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2 spirits sharing 1 cloud..2 as 1 where there is no distance. safe in the security of our cloud looking down at the maddening world beneath us. living in the security of the love we share.