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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Horizon

Look out at the horizon,
the division of earth and sky,
to view the revelation,
the sun will once more rise.
Mathematical perfection,
where life ignites a start,
like the moment I met you
the acquisition a merge of

The seasons are like chapters of life,
documenting the good and the bad.
Yesterdays sun was like fools gold,
it shined so bright but failed to warm the day.

There is no chocolate cake
no party balloons in the air
and never the less spring
is undoubtedly still here.

Dance with our hearts,
hold each other near,
share in the moment and
show how much we care.

The season is a bit fickle
sometimes rain and snow,
but still we celebrate
as it documents how
friendship grows.

There are people in passing,
for a moment or a day,
but love likes ours
is here to stay.

There is no chocolate cake,
no party balloons in the air
and never the less spring
is undoubtedly still here.



party balloons and chocolate cake are merely superficial fleeting expressions of 1 day's celebration. Our love is celebrated EVERY DAY in our thoughts and hearts. It is eternal for ALL DAYS AND EVERY SEASON.

Rachel C Miller said...

Love is pretty amazing...