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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Transitioning to Spring

My daughter was cleaning out her closet. There was an array of items left over from when I used the room for storage. I sat as she pulled out little dresses from when she was a child to a scrap book I started when I first began my own business. I said "I am really getting tired watching you work." She said " you are tired watching me work?" I said to her " you have never been emotionally tired?" She said " no , well yeah." She prepared boxes to take to the second hand store and as she put each item in the box, I watched as years of my life passed before me. She said " every thing is really old, you surely don't want any of it?" There was her dress from her first day at kindergarten, her first communion dress, evening dresses, jewelry etc. Some of it she was right about, it was there so long, though it held memories it was time to get rid of it.
I didn't realize how long I have been struggling, how long ago my step to freedom began. Well not until I paged through the scrap book. There I was in the newspaper my hair its natural color and looking all those years younger. It was the article cut and placed on the opposite page that reminded me of the first event at the expo mart. It was the first time that I took my writing and placed it on display. I can remember it like yesterday. So many people stopping to read and a customer who paid me in advance to write and took home nothing. She was happy with what I wrote and she sent me an article that I saved. It read like this..." remember exactly where God wants you to be,  may those gifts you have been given pass on the love. Let this presence settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance and to bask in the sun"
As I struggled through the years trying to make sense of this journey a flood of tears surfaced. Surely I had understood the song of a free soul  and I danced and basked in the sun. The claw of darkness had not fully released its grip upon my being.

Faith in tomorrow,
hope stands today,
to see us through the
darkness and lead us
on our way.

Tears might have fallen,
filled of sorrow and despair,
till the threads of happiness
wove the love we share.

I brought yesterday to the door of today,
it was to heavy to carry through.


There are little signs of winter,
ice still on the ground and yet
I sense springs transition as
the swell of buds are found.

Chapters in the making,
turning a page a day,
closing of a book
and throwing it away.

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