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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Enbrace of Love

 My favorite thing about the movie classics, was that a whole family could watch them and everyone experience the movie differently based on their maturity level. Which indeed proves we never stop learning or understanding the experiences of life. In essence we may become wiser as we age or not but our ability to absorb and digest a moment in time heals not only the heart but the soul.

Raindrops to sunshine,
grays skies to blue
that is my world
shared with you.

Sadness to happiness,
the grim to a smile
that is my world
shared with you.

The heart breaks the silence and gives to the night a voice, rhythmic vibrations that to the soul toys. Through my eyes a vision, glorious to see, two entwined souls take on a dream. I can feel the embrace like an angel from above, holds me close with the utmost special love. Hold still this moment and never let it go, rids the world of darkness and allows our love to flow.

Petals of a rose,
flowers in the wind,
like a memory in motion
where a tale begins.

Story of the heart
written for all to see,
tells about a love
through the script eternity.

Blank pages await us,
as tomorrow will be here
and we will write the chapters
that only love could share.

Words without meaning
have no place in our world,
love infused emotions
are what you'll find here.

From my heart a story,
that my soul will tell,
captured essence
of long ago spell.

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