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Monday, May 09, 2016

Tears of Emotion

Music is incredible as it can take you back in time, document a moment while triggering the mind and filling it with a varied amount of memory filled emotion. Listening to some older songs today my mind bounced around like a ping pong ball as it traveled through the years.  I found myself re-exploring the ages in less than an hour I was twelve, sixteen, thirty , forty and fifty years old. The songs touched my heart and the tears of emotion flooded from my soul, like a river overwhelming its bank.
I guess I have always been a dreamer as far back as I can remember. From being disciplined in school for gazing out the window all starry eyed to lying across the chenille bed spread and again looking out at the world that was much bigger than that which I was surrounded by. Caught up in those thoughts of fixing the world and yet through dreams escaping the over empowering limitations of my own place in time.

Music to my heart
touches my soul,
reminding me of
yesterday and its

Tears of emotion
race down my cheek,
filled with memory
that makes my knees

The child in me still hopeful
and yet I know the score,
fate holds the moment and
there still more to explore.


Puzzle in the wind

Find all the pieces
heart, soul and mind
put them all together
and look back at time.

Something is missing,
my heart knows this is true,
for I need your loving
on gray skies and on blue.

Half of a picture,
there is life to live
I need you so much
and I have so much
more to give.

The pieces missing
are blowing in the wind,
directed to you
that is where this puzzle


I can sense your being
and feel your heart beat,
gently kiss your soft lips
that taste of honey sweet.

I can feel your arms
that hold me day and night,
tender yet strong I rest
within them without a fight.

I can hear your voice
it wakes me in the morn
brings an abundance of
sunshine to replace the

I can feel your love
by touching my heart,
I keep it close to me
so you never very far.

I can see beyond the
skies dark and gray,
for I have you with me
both night and day.

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