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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Many song writers have written songs with the phrase " a time to live and a time to die" but the bible is the oldest written book that speaks about " a time to live and a time to die. We take life and death so personal as if it is only going to happen to us but never the less each of us reaches that mile marker in time. The stories are ever so overwhelming and the emotions people feel span many variables. Life is so precious that I think we should spend more time on living than worrying about when we are going to check out.
Circumstance is quite like a spider which builds a web and entraps its subject. We spend a lifetime trying to free ourselves from the web of circumstance.  Whether real or imaginary barriers, we have to overcome the obstacles that make life seem difficult. I looked at my life and wondered how much was fate or circumstance and than again how much was left to choice. I found life pretty much like driving up a hill on a blind bend. It wasn't so much the unknown that ruled the moment but the ability to actually anticipate what lay beyond the blind bend.
I see the network of life like fine optic threads as we expand with the people that cross our path. Some threads weakened with time break off and others strong hold on in a supportive fashion, all becoming part of our unique story of life.
Thus it brings us to the chapter of determination and struggle, which somehow goes hand in hand. The more we struggle to anticipate what lay in the realm of the unknown, the more determined we are to write the chapter as we deem of importance.
It is not the usual obstacles like that of fear and heartache which caused many detours but indeed a few bricks of circumstance remain to be challenged. Holding your hand and walking forward.

With you I am
a mountain that
embraces the sky
of blue.

Like the sun that
warms the flesh
your love warms
my heart through.

As the breath of air
tickles the leaves upon
the tree, your gentle
and kind way brings
joy to me.

I have breached the
gates of heaven to
explore all that we
can truly be.

With you I am
the ocean and
as powerful as can
be as we wash upon
the sands our lasting

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