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Friday, October 21, 2016

Life is Chapters

I don't make a habit of reviewing all the chapters of life but occasionally something sparks a memory.  I don't believe we have to review them because the chapters are part of who we are.  Like reading a book, I have been known to skip over some pages and others leave this imprint in your mind and in your heart and for sure in the soul.. 
My mother's rule of life was " you made your bed, you lie in it'. So to this point in time right or wrong I made decisions that would get me through the day in the best way I knew how. There were times where reality crumbled and the dreams and fantasy took over. That is until you find yourself falling off the cloud and trying to land on both feet. 
With winter approaching I find myself wondering whether dancing on the clouds is enough to see me through. I find myself going through all the chapters at one time like a vintage child's flip book. not able to stop on one page or another it all appears like a blur. 
Taking a deep breath and slowing exhaling as if nothing else existed for the moment. If all of life is lessons what was to be learned by the various chapters? My youngest son responded to a customer who was reading poetry and she said "where is God when you need him". My son Max responded " God works in subtle ways" Indeed he does, I reached for your hand and I found you heart or was it I reached for your heart and found your hand?

Once more out the window
to see what I could see 
and the gifts of God 
whispered of love to me.

Delicate and with precision
each chapter reveals the need
for the simple pleasures of life
are felt like an Autumn breeze.

Expressions of the heart 
reveal all that we need 
to comfort the soul 
like a well written dream. 

The answers are all around 
and the truth is what we see, 
if we look close enough 
we are scripting new memories.

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