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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 30, 2016


Time makes it very clear of
the time we've have to share,
you found your forever place
here within my heart each day.

You are my morning sun,
my one true and only love,
you're my moon at night
my very reason for life.

The song escapes from my soul,
from where you first took hold,
that is how it is meant to be
like living in a dream.

I wake up in the morning
with thoughts of you and
at that very second I hope
that you are thinking of me


My heart sings of love
calming my restless soul
as if you were here beside me
in a warm and loving hold.

From earth to the heavens
to that clouds of yours and mine,
my body may still be here
but you have me heart and mind.

The bond remains unbroken
around and round it goes
infinite this passion
that within me grows.

Houdini at its best
from here I disappear
just to feel your arms
like the surrounding air.

More than words can say
is the feelings trapped inside,
only to be released to where
your love meets mine.

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