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Saturday, August 05, 2017

and I love you so!

You know how you freeze a moment. I was standing at the sliding glass doors, the willow overgrown and the ducks quacking. It was at this moment that I felt so close to you and yet somehow separated by the pane of glass. The aftermath of holding emotions in over the years resorts in a release of tears that somehow helps the soul make it through another day. It reminded me of the poem I had written so many years back " The weight of a tear" .  So much has had happened over the years, a blend of good and bad that we shared from a distance. Death of families members, adventures in business, sharing of the heart and the embracing of the soul. The memories flood in a way that becomes a way of cleansing as if the moments in time grew wings like a butterfly and took to the heavens.
Music has a way of triggering a memory or the emotions that come with memories. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times like a million light years away.  There is irony when you listen to a song and you relate knowing a zillion other people relate. Impossible for anyone to experience the exact trials and triumphs. That statement is indeed true that no two loves , romance memories are identical even though they can take a song and make it their own.
Going for a ride into the mountains today...and taking you with me. In my heart, side by side with my soul as we embrace the moment..".and I love you so. "


Anonymous said...

The sky is so blue!!!

Rachel C Miller said...

and I love you so...