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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rubik's cube of Love

There are many kinds of love and none can be held up to comparison.  It is a rare love that is everlasting, it surfaces above the negative and carries us to a realm where all is positive to the heart and soul. Love is not an emotion that can be controlled and occasionally it catches you off guard. I find that in solitude the void within is the strongest. It is as if the heart denies the experience and the soul races to find what the heart is missing.

The Rubik's cube of love

I just keeping on trying
to find the right combination,
where there is passion and
caring , respect and desire.

Where I can wake up 
and find you by my side ,
romancing the moment
and escaping the darkness
of my mind.

Unconditional, we'd never
be alone, consistent with
the memories , in my heart
you would continue to grow.

There would be no judgment,
acceptance is the key as it
unlocks the trials of life
to find what happiness can

Everything fits into place,
as my soul knows we been
here in another time and

Sometimes like a rainbow,
a puzzle still undone,
a story without ending
and a everlasting love.

The truth of recognition
is that it comes from inside
and is shared with the spirit
of the love to the heart collides.

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