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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swimming in my Fish Bowl

It is a special moment
as I close my eyes to see,
that you have never left,
you are a major part of me.

There is no sadness
when I think of you,
only joy and laughter
to see this wounded
heart through.

I kept the memories in reserve,
to call on when life is blurred.
I chose the heavens baby blue,
where I can be found dancing
with you.

I can feel the magic in away,
that brings life to the day.
From the moment I wake up
till I am fast asleep.



I would sail a sea,
reach for the clouds,
embrace tomorrow.

I truly believe
in the bonding of souls
when you touched me.

I would sail a sea,
reach for the clouds
embrace tomorrow.


When you sense my troubles
and can be there to convey,
the love of a special angel
that just appeared one day.

I know that you are with me
beyond the shadows of a day,
as I gaze unto the heavens
and see the blue take on the

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