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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

57 Days Till Spring

Imagine a fireplace,
snap, crackling warm
I am there in your heart,
as you are in mine.

Just take a moment
and slowly exhale,
allow the visions of love
allow you once more to feel.

Warm the cold nights,
brighten my days,
as long as I have you
spring never fades.

Every where you go , you hear people say, " I can't wait till spring." Well, on the whole it means we will be 57 days older. When I look back over the years I feel like I am always running trying to get to the next milestone, season or just till tomorrow. Sometimes it seems as if winter gives us little to celebrate about.

Let Your Heart Feel

Ice covered roads
dangerous as can be,
occasional snow flurries
mixed with rain  make
our wheels slip at any speed.

The skies seem gray,
the days lack the blue
and you wonder if
the sun will ever
get a chance to
shine through.

I miss the flowers,
the butterflies and the green
of the trees and so I spend my
day dreaming, dreaming you
here with me.

I keep thinking about tomorrow
and sometimes my yesterdays
but as long as you are in my
heart the joy of life remains.

I wanna celebrate each season
as long as you are safe,
be careful my sweet love
you can never  be replaced.

When you get a chance ,
I hope you think of me,
I am laying here tonight
snuggling with sweet

Spring won't change the way
I truly feel for you,
I love you every day as you
paint my gray skies blue.

Don't rush the time,
enjoy it if you will,
close your eyes my darling
and let your heart feel.

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