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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reflection of the Heart

Snow over the hills,
a blanket now in white,
crystals flakes are shining
a chapter written in the night.

The season is quickly passing,
faster  and faster with each day
and yet the memories we have
clearly never fade away.

I came to terms
with my yesterdays,
some of sorrow
no longer have a place.

Tomorrow is waiting and
I stand at its front door,
knowing fully I have
no idea what's in store.

The fondest memories
are to comfort my soul
on a journey in passing
it is your love that I hold.

I close my eyes each night
and I lay in your arms,
listening to your heart beat
under the heavens stars.

The dreams forever bridge
your heart to mine,
as close as my pillow
that I hold in the night.
Your love my sunshine which
warms me through and through.
I waken to it each morning
with a smile that reveals sky of

There is nothing in the world,
that can take you from me,
you are my greatest love,
my every  nightly dream.

Mirrored through the mountains
and this is what I see,
the reflection of the heart
in rivers,hills and streams.

The seasons record the memories
and document them well
as they flood to the surface
from a never ending well.


I took my fondest memory
and I held it very close,
dancing in the darkness
with a love that still grows.

No tears in these eyes,
just a smile on my face
as the recorded memories
can never be replaced.

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