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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Momentos of Winter

When two hearts come together
it is the soul that soon reveals,
like a delicate rose in bloom
each petal has a tale.
When day meets with night
and the sky is dark and gray,
the sun no longer shines,
that is how I feel when you
are away.
I am never gone,
no not very far away,
feel the beat of your
heart that is where I stay.
So go on with your day,
enjoy it all if you will,
I am right there with you
that is my love you feel.
I was kind of lost in the darkness of the sea,
sent on a ship to sail through the dreams.
The night was long and lonely was I as
I was looking for you to be here by my side.
I thought to take the challenge and look world wide,
thinking that a tear drop would erase the quickly passed time.
I reached in the darkness and it was to my surprise,
you were never far you were always in my mind.

When you look as far as you can see,
the view is more of the same,
full of my love for you.

As I gaze out my bedroom window and watch as the snowflakes gingerly fall to the ground, I am filled with mixed emotions. If you accept the inevitable you find the snow almost calming in a chapter that reviews days long gone by, while placing a new blanket of white upon the winter scene. Like a new rendition of and old play the memories collaborate heart and soul to breathe life into yesterdays thoughts. Happiness, sadness and a incredible ache that begs to be soothed. Tears of the heart as one dares to make sense of a long twisted journey. When our wants battle our needs and neither surface as a winner, it times to take a look at the path laid before us.

Snowflakes are falling,
this much I do know
another season  upon us,
no matter where we go.

So many chapters,
pages of yesterday,
some of sorrow
and the joy we celebrate.

I can't change what is written,
I am in the here and now,
so I wipe the tears away
and leave with you a smile.

 I don't feel rested like a bear in hibernation,
for without  your energy  I am an uncharged battery.

I have found and lost myself so many times
that I no longer no where to look.

My heart literally aches,
that don't seem quite right.

I don't necessarily think I know what tomorrow will bring,
that is why I figure I will leave it up to God...
good to pass the buck now and than.



You are the magic in every song,
the joy in my heart and you are my forever love


Listen with your heart
and feel with the soul,
amazing moments,
tenderly unfold.
I see the sunrise
and the sky blue,
the feel of love
in a moment true.
Distance matters very little,
for your love is here in my heart,
no distance can separate,
what was joined from afar.

Merging of hearts,
your imprint on my soul,
speaks the truth
whispers of days of old.
Searing the memories,
time makes us the fool,
we walk the distance,
through a tale still untold.
Embrace each moment,
and everything you do,
remember I am with you,
I am earth and sky blue.
Our love is so precious,
it's your and mine alone,
a gift to take with us,
wherever we may go.
Merging of hearts,
your imprint on my soul,
speaks the truth of
memories of old.


 This is love as it bridges a sea,
bringing your love closer to me.

This is love right out of my dream,
I am in your arms where I was meant to be.



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