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Friday, January 23, 2015

The End Of A Rainbow by Earl Grant - Lyrics Below

When I began to write poetry in hopes that the poems would document the love, emotions, experience , memories and the ultimate dance upon the clouds. Forever is when at least one person remembers. I figure my odds were pretty good since I write every day, that at least one poem would be here long after I am gone.

Forever Love

In the blue of the heavens
and the warmth of the sun
life is documented and you'll
see our forever love.

Happiness is shared
and dreams the catalyst
on a journey embodied
by love and trust.

I keep you in my heart,
you're ever close to me
and when I close my
eyes forever records
the deed.

Truth be known,
souls indeed entwined
locked together
there is you and I.

Like a breath of wind,
brushed against the face,
love wakens the heart
and causes it to race.

Magnificent is the time we share,
a lesson of love reveals how much one can care.
It took this place called earth spun it all around
and in a moment of time sent an angel down.

My heart writes what love inspires,
voiced by the soul, it never ever tires.
Like a song of love, I share a word or two,
in hopes that you will know how much I love you.

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