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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dance in your soul...

Love like music is universal.

Love is a balance of contentment and excitement,
from your arms to your heart beat.

Keep the song in your heart
and the dance in your soul
while the love between us
through dreams unfold.

Close tightly your eyes
allow your heart to see,
that we are never apart
you're always here with me.

Keep the song in your heart
and the dance in your soul
as I keep the song in my heart
and the dance in my soul.

Embrace the magic
and don't let it go,
share in this love
and through you let it flow.

Keep the song in your heart
and the dance in your soul,
the beauty of love never
grows old.

La de da blue skies,
la de da sun shine,
la de da you and I
forever will we be.

La de da wind chimes,
la de da sometime,
la de da you're mine
in my heart will you be.


All around the world,
to places I've never been,
my love for you travels
like a seed in the wind.

Sharing from my heart,
the warmth I hold for you
shouting from the mountains
to the heavens blue.

I take this moment
with you close to me,
as I once more I send our love
soaring forever free.

From one corner to the next
and from mountain to sea,
everywhere you look or go,
you'll find a part of you and me.

You are my dreams at night,
my first thought in the morn
and as I go about my day
you what takes my heart by
I don't wanna wake up
and watch the dream fade,
closing my eyes to hold you
for another minute of my day.

The words will last forever
like the blowing in the wind
as ours souls have bonded
a new day begins.

This love is documented
in the heavens above
just take a look around
and you'll see our love.

Peace the priceless gift of life.

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