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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, January 05, 2018

One Moon Above Us

Good old " Murphy's Law" " what can go wrong will". As the full  moon passes and I once more gain my place in the network of life I look for a stress free moment. Taking a deep breath and exhaling. Okay it's probably the norm to blame technology but behind technology there is the mind of a human. Reminding myself to never update my computer, to organize better and not worry because everything finds a way of working itself out. Or it might be that age thing creeping in, as I remembered customer addresses and forgot customer names. 
Exhausted but can't sleep especially as I realize that my days off and company will be arriving Saturday and Sunday and not Sunday Monday...ugh...what was I thinking. Oh yeah it would have helped if I look at the 2018 calendar.  
But as I step away from the moment I gaze out at the night sky. The sky is clear and the moon shining down can be seen through my bedroom window. The moonlight comes with a reminder of how far and how close we are. One moon to blanket us as you find your place within my heart.

I looked upon the heavens
and my heart was excited so
that I felt your love inside me 
in away only you and I would know.

Awakened to the magic 
bonding two souls as one, 
I felt a thrill of elation 
where love is the sum . 

The visual breathtaking
as a silhouette of two
joined together as only
sweethearts can do. 

Delighted with the image
the feelings deep inside
overflowed like a river
to the ocean tide. 

I glanced up at the heavens
and merci said I that love 
was bestowed upon us 
one moment at a time.

Calming the restless spirit
I let out a simple sight 
that if only by dreams 
it was your arms that I 
would lie.

The wind took to the trees
the stars lit the sky and
there in the dark of night
I felt you by myside.

Destiny or fate 
a path we can't deny 
upon this earthly journey
led your soul to mine.

Not a shadow of darkness
for faith I have in thee
that our hearts became one
for all eternity. 

Listen in the silence 
that rules the dark of night
to hear whispers of my heart
as you fill it with such delight.

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