Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


...I love you.

Like a work of classic art 
revealing soul and heart,
all that you mean to me 
is recorded from the start.

Museum quality 
in a colorful dream, 
embrace of you and I
scripted to memory.

It must be magic
or a spell that I see,
when I close my eyes
and find you here with

I felt it through the day 
the joy that comes my way,
bringing a special time 
that I can write to rhyme.

As my fingers began to type 
the words escaped the mind,
telling of a tale of love
a treasure that leaves a sign. 

This embrace is so majestic
it can surely be traced 
from both the heart and soul
which found that special place.

No one could ever see 
or feel what you mean to me, 
this secret lies deep within 
as if my life begins again. 

Kisses so very sweet 
left here for you and I
with whispers of love 
that escape from inside.

So far away but as close 
as each breath I take, 
deep within my heart
whether asleep or awake.

No Picasso or a Botticelli 
but a contender just the same, 
truly felt within our hearts
where forever is engraved.

I think of the seasons, 
my favorite is spring
flowers in bloom and
with each day a new 

The petals open 
like my heart to you
revealing my soul 
as only love can do.

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