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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Early Christmas Kisses

> mistletoe<
Kiss Now!

Frazzled that everyone wasn't up and moving to get to the farm to get a Christmas tree, check out the holiday vendors and the festivities that were planned for the day.I was discouraged and just a wee bit under the weather and maybe a little temper-mental as I yelled that the day was not going to plan Much later in the day my young adult children went to the farm  without me to pick out  a Christmas tree. I have to admit as they placed it in the tree stand that the Douglas fir looked perfect. In its perfection I saw the pride in which they chose the tree, the joint effort in working together and a joy of the season that flowed through them . As I looked on at the tree  or maybe it was past the tree, I had found myself gazing as if through the eyes of a child. How could it be that the hopes and dreams with which we struggle to understand as a child stays with us to this very day? I believe all of our actions from early on to this very moment are accumulative. Like building blocks furthering the depth of character.
There was something my daughter wrote that stayed with me, she said " I wrote my life in pen, so that when I made a mistake I couldn't erase it." I imagine that is her spin on learning from your mistakes. But I found that we make so many of them because no two are ever the same. It seems that they are not always identifiable because they appear to take on a different feel so that we don't recognize an error until we already have passed through the water filled pothole. As the years press on I feel overwhelmed with  the child like emotions and experiences which meet with a maturity level that time itself brings. It doesn't change the story that has already been written but it does give a different view and a choice at an alternate ending.
Like balancing your investments, you look at what you have and gained and lost by the experiences. In all reality you never really lose anything as everything that happens is realistically a part of the journey. Why does it have to hurt? Looking into the eyes of the many people I meet you get a glimpse of their heaven and hell. I realized that is hell is not death, it is our inability to deal with a segment of the journey. That is what makes each persons experience a hell our lack of coping skills. I thought that maybe those who found acceptance of the negative to easily were just desensitized and therefore overlooked the obvious. But that would only be so if they continued to make the same mistakes. Of course there is a level of ignorance as well as circumstances that need to be addressed.
With my thoughts drifting off in different directions, I hope that with love in my heart I can redirect my thoughts and surround myself with the optimism that the season is capable of bringing. The responsibility lies within our own choices and guides us in a positive way.So as I stare once more at the undressed Christmas tree, I allow only the warmth of your love close to me.

My head on your shoulder,
your heart beat next to mine,
the flesh quivers, the soul resigns,
for we are strengthened by our
love and the words are written like
a scroll in the heavens above.

Sings a little love song,
hums a familiar tune,
writes the words in
the heavens blue.

Embrace life,
dance within your heart,
move with the steps,
that join us from afar.

Sings a little love song,
hums a familiar tune,
writes the words in
the heavens blue.

Under the Blue Skies

Under the blue skies,
down  by the sea,
near a pine tree or
rolling in leaves.

When I am with you,
heart, soul or mind,
I feel the love that
conquers time.

No Christmas lights, 
no colors do I need, 
for I have your love 
and that's enough for me. 

No sadness, 
nor skies of gray,
for I have your love
the sunshine that never fades.
Here are my dreams, 
this is my life, 
far from perfect,
and yet it feels right.

Sometimes the holidays which are meant to be a beautiful celebration of life and the gift of love are overwhelmed with the disappointment  of  to many expectations. There is no greater gift than to be loved.

 Sharing my pillow morning and night, 
watching you dream under the stars 
bright light. 

Strolling down the lane,
 holding your hand turns
 away skies of gray.

By the sea, on a mountain, 
 in a field we lay, in the 
clouds through sunshine
 or rain. 


 Holly or mistletoe,
morning or night,
I'll kiss you sweet
darling for the rest
of my life.


Can't sleep until whisper in your ear> I love you...good night !

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