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Thursday, December 15, 2011

High on a hill

When I was a young child I had a connection with a building that sat high on the hill. When ever I saw this majestic structure, I knew I was in one way or another close to home. The irony is the castle like building with this unusual globe was close enough that I could see it from my little corner of the world, but far enough away that it was never really within grasp. It had  a fantasy like quality to it and that might have been part of the draw. But really I guess it had to do with the fact that when I felt alone or lost I would turn around and it would be there, high on the hill.  I said to myself " one day I am going to take a drive by it to see it up close", but I do believe the building had been taken down long ago. I guess I have always had a sort of sentimental connection to places and things. As if an object held a memory which brought comfort and a sense of peace.
It was a long day today and I find myself trapped in total exhaustion. So as I sit back and relax my mind drifts to that safe place all those many years ago. Somethings never leave like the uncontrollable emotions that have me running away within my mind.

Runs fast, runs far,
to open heart and
there I find your
open arms.

Runs fast, runs far,
to love so true,
where I share
a kiss with you.

Runs fast, runs far,
beyond mountains high,
where all is seen from
the blue sky.

Runs fast, runs far,
I am safe at last ,
no tears or heartache,
in the dreams I clasp.

Runs fast, runs far,
I am all alone,
running circles,
which way do I go?

Runs fast, runs far,
an image I see,
who stands there
in the darkness,
waiting for me?

The darkness drapes the evening,
the stars take to the sky and it's
at this very moment that I quickly
close my eyes.

To close my eyes is to fall asleep,
to fall asleep is to live in the dream,
to live in the dream is to feel your arms,
to feel your arms is to know love,
to know love is to embrace peace.


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