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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Makes The Sky Blue

The image of your smile,
the love that flows from you,
my heart void of emptiness
makes the sky so blue.

The joy we share,
the memories we made,
the dreams of happiness,
brings colors to the day.

The treasures of life make
a king and queen of you and I,
for the wealth is from the love
we share under blue skies.

Compassion over flows,
the joy lights the sky and
the bonding of our two
souls burst out from inside.

Treasures we share, like
passion through the air,
magical indeed, conquers
those who disbelieve.

Stars from the heavens,
shines down on you and I,
with a sparkling celebration
of the day our soul combined.


Loneliness is when you close your eyes,
and you can't see the love of your life.
As long as you want me in your heart
I'll be for I promise forever a day plus

I am there with you, I'm holding your hand,
don't let it go, my heart so demands.
There are rainbows,dreams waiting to come
true in a field of happiness there is only me
and you.

Why so many tears?

I believed that love could conquer all,
I banked on my dreams that I could have it all.
Love in the morning when I open up my eyes
and love through the day with no surprise.

Endless tears of the memories that never fade
and the cold and darkness that rule the day.
Sorrow and heartache and my pillow and I,
catch the tears like the rain  falling from the

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