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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Not just words but emotion scripted from life.

The  year is coming to an end and as I do each year at this time I look back  over my life. Sometimes I wonder exactly how I got here and then I remember something once said to me long ago” sometimes you find the road and  sometimes the road finds you”  As I packaged  products  for customers today, it occurred to me that I was packaging a little bit of heart and soul.  Each product that I make and sell is a tribute to my life on Earth. Whether it is writing or my skin care it is a journey in motion. I tried to understand each person who had come into my life and why and at first I was confused. We don’t always see the gift until years  later when we draw on the experience for the wisdom which is packed in each one. I looked at everything as  if it had to have a beginning and end. But in retrospect it has all been one , like a set of building blocks creating a new day.  Each block of life is formed for a very specific reason. Sometimes I have felt different and I understand now that difference is part of our individual character.

It is not about an angel singing a song,
nor a set of love birds wings flapping strong.
The magic of life, the mystery of a song, is
the sharing of life, knowing where you belong.

It is not  about a mountain where I call your name,
nor the blue sky where I script it like a flame.
The mystery of words that I write for you  are
left on your heart from the day I met you.

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