Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Silk and Lace

Cleaning out the closet,
my fingers traced a negligee
of silk and lace.Stitched
with a delicate bow to my
cheek the bodice I placed.

I never chose to wear it, I
kept  it for so long and yet it
still looked pristine in a mystical
kind of way, touching on a
dream that never ever fades.

It stroke the mind awakening
memories of old , when youth
was so hopeful and time had
yet to take its tolls. .

I held back the tears of the life
that would never be, for I believe
this script was written by someone
other than me.

I would have paved the path
with sunshine and glee and a
bed full of petals, a love song
a day and a blue sky to chase
away any shade of gray.

I stopped all that I was doing,
as if time really could stand still,
and I listened to my heart and
no words could it speak so
again to my chest I placed my
hand and felt the story through
each and every beat.

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