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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The largest brightest star...Merry Christmas!

My hair is pulled up in soft loose curls. I had chosen a v-neck sweater dress in a not so quite turquoise, I think it is a little more green. Diamond earrings, my daughters snowman bracelet and camel color high heel boots. I have been anxious to head out for the evening and I am as ready as I am going to get for Christmas morning. In one breath I am happy to be celebrating the season and yet I find myself wiping tears that seem to fall without an obvious reason. Everyone of us has a time and place and a vulnerability. We wake up to a new day and that in itself is a gift. There are other gifts, as close as the stars and yet distant, one with the world and yet separate, bonding of hearts and yet divided. I find myself wanting to rejoice and at the same time feeling my body quiver and like the snow as it melts from the sun, I feel my heart melt from your love.

I looked to the sky, to the star shining bright and I knew at that moment you were holding me tight. No rivers nor mountains, no miles can divide, the love from your heart which warms deep inside. Half  of me is happy, the other half sad as the tears are a reminder of both my needs and all that I have.. No words from my lips but a whisper the same as I looked to the sky on this early Christmas day. Magical and wonderful if you let it all in , the joy of life when you bond with a friend. I looked to the sky, the star shining bright and I knew at that moment you were holding me tight.  Merry Christmas!

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